Arms workout how to get bigger arms

Get Massive Arms

Full details ho to get bigger and better arms

In bodybuilding everybody wants big biceps, as they are a most impressive area to develop, and given their high visibility and superficiality, signify strength perhaps like no other body part. When someone asks, “flex a muscle” they do not want to see your calves.

Also, the greatest professional bodybuilding champions are usually those who are known for tremendous biceps size and shape. From the Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger, through to current Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, great champions usually possess great biceps.

Workout to get bigger arms

1.Do dumbbell curls.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold dumbbells in either hand at your sides, with your arms fully extended and your palms turned in. Curl the dumbbells to your chest.
Do between 6 and 8 reps and 2 sets. Increase to 3 sets after a week or two. After that, you can increase the weight of the dumbbells.
If you don’t have dumbbells, you can also use kettlebells or barbells.

2.Do incline dumbbell curls.

Sit on a workout chair at a 45-degree incline. Place your feet on the floor and hold the dumbbells at your sides with your arms fully extended. Alternate your hands and curl one dumbbell at a time. Curl until the dumbbell is level with your shoulder and your elbow is totally bent, then slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position.
Do between 6 and 8 reps and 2 sets. Increase to 3 sets after a week or two, then add more weight as you get stronger

3.Do concentration curls.

Sit on an exercise seat with your feet flat on the ground shoulder-width apart. Lean forward so that your right elbow is touching the inside of your right knee, and your arm is fully extended. Curl the dumbbell toward your chest, keeping your elbow in the same spot.
You can place your opposite hand on your opposite knee for stability.
Do between 6 and 8 reps and 2 sets, then repeat with your left arm.

4.Do chin-ups.

This exercise may be difficult at first, but it’s an excellent way to increase the size of your biceps. Grip a bar with your hands placed shoulder-width apart and your palms facing you. Cross your feet and lift your body until your chin is higher than your hands. Slowly lower your body back to the starting position.
Do between 6 and 8 reps and 2 sets. Increase to 8 – 12 reps and 3 sets once you have gained strength.
To increase the intensity of this exercise, wear a weighted belt. Add more weight as you get stronger over time.

Main points to bhe notice

You’ll never have big arms as long as you’re under-weight. No matter how many biceps curls you do. To build bigger arms, increase your overall muscle mass first by getting stronger and eating a lot.

Eat More. You need to eat more calories than you burn in order to gain weight. Most guys will need at least 3000kcal/day, skinny guys with fast metabolisms will need even more. Start eating at least four meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, post workout. Eat your stomach full on each meal.

Get Stronger. Strength is size. Increase your Squat to 140kg/300lb, increase your Bench Press to 100kg/220lb, and increase your Deadlift to 180kg/400lb. This will increase your overall muscle mass.

Rest. Muscles grow when at rest. Give your arms a break, they’re small muscles. Check StrongLifts 5×5: the routine allows for plenty of rest.

Track Progress. Weigh yourself and measure your arms every 2 weeks. If your arms aren’t getting bigger you’re not training properly or not eating enough food.

Avoid Curls. Increasing your Squat & Deadlift will build your arms faster than biceps curls & triceps extensions. Get stronger and eat more.

Biceps. Barbell Rows work your biceps because you’re holding the bar and pulling it toward you. Your arms bend like they would on a biceps curl, but the weight is a lot heavier because you’re engaging more muscles.

Triceps. Bench Press and Overhead Press work your triceps hard. You’re pressing the weight away on every rep. Your arms straighten like they would on a skullcrusher, but the weight is heavier because more muscles are involved.

Forearms. Deadlifts work your forearms hard. Avoid straps. Squeeze the bar hard, use chalk and use a mixed grip on your max sets

Program One: Beginner To Intermediate

The following program can be used either on the same day another body part is trained (preferable in the evening, on the same day as back training), or as the only program used on a given day. In both cases the same rule applies: for optimal biceps development train them independently.
This will allow for a higher intensity workout and total focus to be placed on the biceps. Training the biceps before a larger body part will not solve this problem as training intensity for the larger grouping will be diluted, and recovery time for the biceps will be limited.